Chopard Happy Diamonds Pink Fritillary Replica Watch

Pink is full of girlish hearts, and the pink fritillary powder of Chopard Happy Diamonds series watch is such a watch full of fairy tale princess style. Today, the Chopard replica watch, which is highly similar to the genuine one, brings you a girly heart in full pink. Wearing it, wandering on the banks of the Seine, listening to the beautiful confession balloons, romantic is nothing more than that.

This Chopard replica watch has won the psychological needs of women. The case is made of imported 316 stainless steel. When the polished 18k rose gold texture is noble and gorgeous, it still retains a princess style that women love. The gleaming design allows objects to be reflected in the watch case, all exuding a psychedelic feeling. The replica case can already be compared with the genuine one.

The creation of the mirror is particularly outstanding, using imported arc arched double-sided reflective sapphire glass as the raw material, and the few pink and purple mother-of-pearl inlaid in the middle of the mirror is the essence of this replica Chopard. The diamonds of this replica Chopard watch also spent a lot of energy on grinding, and then successfully restored the kind of gem charm that the girl yearns for.

This Chopard replica watch has no difference between the printed lettering on the surface of the bezel and the authentic ones. The unique and lovely patterns of the Chopard Happy Diamonds series are also engraved on it, and the six concave inlays around them can be closely connected with the case, which fully experiences the superb technology of watchmaking.

The dial’s first impression is pure girl romance, the background is electroplated pink, and the hands and scales are bright gold tones. There is a date display bar at the four o’clock direction on the lower right corner of the dial. Chopard’s logo is engraved in English on the dial. The replica Chopard watch is so delicate that it is fantastic.

In addition to the development of the 316 stainless steel crown, the crown has also undergone a significant overhaul to change the design of ordinary watches. A large purple diamond is set in the middle of the crown, and the transparent and dazzling feeling makes you rotate the crown without feeling boring and monotonous.

The strap perfectly restores the authentic texture, and the color tone of the belt maintains consistency with the watch as a whole. The creation of all-leather crocodile leather makes the wearing sense rise more than one level, and the sewing of the surrounding lines also has no extra impurities. The design of the clasp follows the pin buckle of traditional watches.

The high imitation of the movement is the focus of this replica Chopard watch. The Chopard 09.01-C self-winding mechanical movement is used to let the wearer enjoy the fun of wearing without having to worry about calibration. Although it is self-winding, its long-lasting power and precise stability are also comparable to genuine ones.

Every woman has her own fairy tale princess dream. This replica Chopard watch, with its superb watchmaking technology, perfectly reproduces this watch, giving women their exclusive watch-pink mother-of-pearl. You exude the light of women.